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You arrive home, with 1.5 hours until the party! Ace, Sam, Jess, Kenya, and Johnny arrive early to help you set up. You all work to put up decorations and get everything ready. Sam and Kenya are working on getting the drinks on the table. Ace and Johnny are setting up the new Redlands game on your system. You and Jess are putting the “Happy Birthday” sign up on the steps. Dad has ordered the pizzas and they’ll be here soon. As you listen to him placing the order, your stomach makes a low growl. You’re starving; you realize you haven’t eaten since breakfast that morning. “Oh man, it’s been a day! I can’t wait to eat some pizza,” you think, looking down at your watch. It’s 2:40. Everyone starts arriving and you all start deciding where to hide before Marco gets there. At 2:58 on the dot, Marco knocks on the door. You all hide as your mom lets him in. “Where’s that annoying kid of yours?” he jokes with mom, flashing a toothy grin.

“SUPRISE!!!” Everyone screams, jumping out from their hiding spots. Marco jumps as he turns around to see you all. “I knew it!!!” he exclaims. 

“You didn’t know nothing!” you laugh, knocking his hat off his head. 

Marco laughs back. “You’re right, I had a hunch, but you’re good! You pulled it off.” You grin with satisfaction. “YES!!! I pulled it off. I’m so proud of myself,” you think, as you look around the room at your friends laughing and chatting. There’s a knock at the door: it’s the pizza. “Just in time!” you think, as your stomach growls again.