Resources for Library Staff

This page offers four resources for library staff to address patron privacy concerns: training modules, privacy policy framework, teaching moments, and programming resources. Click on a box to get more information on each resource.

The Training Modules include eight modules and their associated documents. These trainings can be used by libraries to prepare staff to handle patron privacy issues that arise in everyday interactions. The trainings cover a variety of topics and offer options for different size groups and lengths.

Our patron-focused Privacy Policy Framework includes specific topics, key subtopics, suggested actions, and examples of current library policies. This framework is designed to help libraries create or amend their privacy policies to address various patron privacy considerations.

Teaching Moments are printable handouts that can be used by library staff to raise patron awareness of privacy issues. These handouts are available in English and Spanish. We also have annotated versions of these documents that provide tips for talking to patrons about privacy topics.

We have created a set of programming resources library staff can share with families or use when teaching youth about online privacy. These resources include coloring pages, a worksheet to build better passwords, a password-focused card game, a virtual escape room, and a choose-your-own-adventure story.