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You go to get a basket. The first one has some sort of sticky residue on the handle, gross! You carefully lift it out by its sides and put it down next to the stack. The next one looks good, so you grab it and look up at the signs: Aisle 1, table decorations… Aisle 2, plates, cups, utensils… Aisle 3, cards, balloons. You walk to aisle 3, grab the “Happy Birthday” balloons with some of Marco’s favorite video game characters. As you get to the end of the aisle you see Ace on the phone. You’re about to say hi again when Ace quickly puts a finger to their lips, motioning for you to be quiet. “Yeah, I sold out of the game this morning, sorry bro. I’ll let you know when the next shipment comes in. K bye.” 

“Was that Marco?!”

“Yeah, he called to see if we had any more of the Redlands games, told him I’d sold through ‘em already. He sounded so disappointed. He’s gonna be so excited when he gets to your place!” 

“Man, thanks for covering for me Ace! See ya later!”

Your mom has grabbed the rest of the stuff and meets you at checkout. On to the next stop!