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Wave them off; you have a schedule to keep!

“Nah guys, too much to do today. But I’ll catch you later at my place!” You walk into GameStop, and head for the controllers. The last gold one!! It’s yours! You can’t believe your luck. You walk up to the counter and see Ace is working today. “Hey Ace, what’s new?”

Ace flips her blue hair out of her face as she looks up at you. “Hey! What’s new?! Oh, you know, just the new Redlands that everyone’s been waiting for all year!! People were lined up at open this morning, but we still have two left. I’m about to buy one as soon as my shift is over. I know you want this last copy!” 

This is turning out to be an expensive trip… “Can you check and tell me how many points I have to cash?” 

“Sure, gimme a sec!” 

You stand there, fingers crossed, eyes closed. Please, pleeeeeease let me have a decent amount-

“You’ve got 10 bucks, that’s not bad!! That would bring your total for the controller and game to $100 even, before tax.” Thank goodness your mom gave you the money for the new controller, since it was your little sister that broke it. You’ve got just enough to cover the price of the game. You know Marco will be excited to play; he’s been talking about this game for months now. “Thanks, Ace! See ya later!” You run off to meet your mom at the food court.