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Cake decorated with a skatepark

You look at the cake: There is a small ramp, with a skater on a board flipping upside down in the air at the top. The cake reads, “Happy Birthday, Marco!” in large blue graffiti-style letters. Wow, Mrs. Park really outdid herself; this cake is perfect! When Marco isn’t playing video games or designing his own games, he’s usually practicing at the skatepark. He’s a really talented skater, and you know he’ll be so excited when he sees this cake! 

“Thanks Mrs. Park, this looks amazing!” you exclaim. Mrs. Park is beaming as she accepts your praise. You need to pay and get home so you can start decorating; the party is in less than 2 hours. Because she’s a small business, Mrs. Park doesn’t take credit cards. You pay with the cash your mom gave you before you ran in to grab the cake. “Thank you Mrs. Park! Tell Johnny not to be late!” you yell behind you as you carefully carry the cake to the car.