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Privacy Risk Assessment

About This Training

Staff will utilize threat modeling. Threat modeling is a way for staff to assess what privacy tools and strategies are best to use when dealing with different types of patrons. For more information on threat modeling and how to use it, you can visit the Library Freedom Project.

Learning Objective

  • Library staff will assess the amount of risk a patron may experience based on their traits, backgrounds, and technology experiences.
  • Library staff will use the threat modeling worksheet to help patrons.

This Training is Appropriate For

Group, Continuing, One-on-One

Time Needed for Training

More than 30 minutes.

Time Considerations

If only 30 minutes or less is available for this activity, you can do (4), and skip (5) and (6).

Training Outline

  1. Start by introducing the concepts of personas and threat modeling, using the “What is a Persona?” information sheet and “Threat Modeling” worksheet.
  2. Pass out two Threat Modeling worksheets to each staff.
  3. As a group, complete the Threat Modeling Worksheet using one of the six personas. The Threat Modeling Worksheet covers the following questions: 
    • What do you want to protect?
    • Who do you want to protect it from?
    • How likely is it that you will need to protect it?
    • How bad are the consequences if they fail?
    • How much work are you willing to do to protect it?
  4. Break into smaller groups. Each group will be given a different persona and asked to complete their other Threat Modeling Worksheet for this persona together. 
  5. After every group has completed the worksheet, each group will go around and present the persona they were given and the threat model that they created. 
  6. As groups present, the larger group should discuss their takeaways from the activity.
    • Example Discussion Questions
      • Did each group identify and address all threats to patron privacy?
      • Are there ways to address this threat other than the one proposed by the presenting group?
      • What skills do library staff need to have in order to do threat modeling?
      • How is this activity helpful? How does doing this activity prepare you to act in the moment?