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Go over to see what new dance they’ve come up with

You don’t have time to learn the choreography, but you’ve got a couple minutes to spare to watch for a little bit! A bunch of people have their phones out, getting ready to film. You see Jess walking slowly back and forth, looking for the perfect angle to shoot the video from. “Hey Jess!” you call, running over. 

Jess looks up, surprised. “Hey, what are you doing here?? Aren’t you supposed to be setting up for Marco’s party?”

“Yeah, I just came by here to pick up something from GameStop, but you’ll be coming over for Marco’s party later, right?”

“Of course! Can’t wait to play some games and hang out. Party’s at 3, right?”

“Yup! But get there by 2:45, that way we can all be there to surprise Marco when he arrives.”

“All right, bet! See ya soon!”

As you’re turning around to head off to GameStop someone smacks into you. “Hey, look out where you’re going!”

“Sorry!!!” Says the boy behind you, as he picks his phone up from the floor. “I was just trying to get some of the practice run on TikTok!”

“It’s cool, just look up from your phone and watch where you’re walking!” You gotta run to GameStop and get to your mom on time. You run into the store. As you pick up the gold controller, your phone rings. It’s Marco.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Hey, who’s invited to the party? What kinda food are you getting?”

“What?! How- how’d you know?”

“I saw some kid’s TikToks from the mall, of Sam and Kenya rehearsing a dance, but I could hear you and Jess talking in the background about my party. I knew you were planning something, I knew it!”

BUSTED!!! You hang your head, dejected, as Marco goes on and on about what he hopes the party will bring.