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Happy Birthday sign and table decorations

You go to get a basket. The first one has some sort of sticky residue on the handle, gross! You carefully lift it out by its sides and put it down next to the stack. The next one looks good, so you grab it and look up at the signs: Aisle 1, table decorations… Great! You head down aisle 1 to find some decorations and a “Happy Birthday” sign. Just then, your phone rings. You’re concentrating so hard on choosing between two signs that you answer without thinking about it. “Hello?”

“Why are you at the party store? Are you throwing me a surprise party today?!”

“Wh-What?! How do you know where I am??” you ask, immediately panicked.

“I used the Find My Friend app we downloaded when we went to that concert two months ago. You never turned your location settings off, dude: Rookie move. What kind of cake are you getting me?!” Busted!!! Dejected, you tell Marco he’ll find out later when he gets to your place.