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Start looking at controllers on the GameStop app

You open up the GameStop app and start scrolling through different controller designs. You’ve had your eye on a metallic gold controller for a while now, so maybe this is the right time to grab one? Man, there’s only one left! You also really like that Hello Kitty Limited edition controller. As you compare the two, your phone vibrates in your hand. 

Text message notification: “Hey, I saw ur mom tag u in an IG post, wut r u getting at GameStop? Can I meet u there??”

Oh no! You didn’t see what your mom wrote on her post. You’ve got to think quick.

Text: “Nah, not a good idea. Sister broke my controller, mom’s pretty pissed we have to grab a new 1 before u come by. I’ll just c u later.”

Text: “Sorry, that sux! C ya later!”

That was close… too close! You need to have a chat with mom about how tagging works, and what it means for who can see what you post. She almost ruined the surprise! “Hey mom, can I talk to you about something real quick?”